Cucumber Gazpacho with Crispy Chickpeas

Cucumber Gazpacho with Crispy Chickpeas





Food is powerful, in that it has the power to transport us to alternate destinations allowing us to experience the vast flavors and cultures of worlds beyond our own. Especially in times of isolation and little travel, food is a source of inspiration and comfort when adventuring to other lands can’t be. 

Nothing feels more summer than a cool, refreshing gazpacho. Preferably enjoyed outdoors, on the porch, feet up, the wind blowing. Bright and vibrant herbs paired with hydrating cucumber and creamy tahini create a captivating green soup that’s the perfect amount of healthy while still satiating cravings. The unexpected crunch of crispy chickpeas swirling amongst a golden drizzle of olive oil adds a good kick of heat to round out the flavors. Kids and adults alike will enjoy this fun, not so everyday lunchtime treat. It’s essentially a vacation in a soup! 

All you need is a blender, a preheated oven, and 20 minutes. Roast the chickpeas while blending the soup, and by the time they’re crisped to perfection, you’ll be ready to top your gazpacho with them. Add this simple recipe to your collection, and whip it out anytime you need a quick way to impress guests. 

We encourage you to switch up the spices and add any other leafy greens you’ve got. Take advantage of summer’s bounty and get creative with lots of different veggies. Bonus points if they happen to come straight from your own garden.


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