Mushroom Miso Barley Risotto

Risotto, an illustrious dish feared by even experienced home chefs. It's characteristically finicking cooking times and the laundry list of questionable tips associated with perfect preparation only adds to the intimidation factor. But, no fear. Barley takes away all the challenges that come with cooking time as there's no need to stir this laid-back grain. No risk, all reward. 

We've decided it's time for an update by introducing barley into our recipe, replacing the typical arborio rice with this wholesome, nutty, powerhouse of an ancient grain. Don't fear-- just like arborio, barley creates a toothsome texture that when paired with umami-packed mushrooms brings this traditional dish to the modern-day (with plenty of styles to boot). Wow your friends with this new take on the warming dinner party classic, or make a batch Sunday night for a week of lunches you're actually excited to eat ahead





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