The Governor Cider-Rita

The Governor Cider-Rita

This tequila-cider-olive oil cocktail quickly became our favorite quick and easy, but oh so warming wintery drink. Mixed with a splash of tequila, a dash of fresh apple cider and a drizzle of Governor Olive Oil, this cocktail is a perfect addition to your festive spread.

The EVOO in this cocktail helps to create a smooth, palate-coating sensation to every sip, and the shaken egg white (optional) helps to provide a beautiful creamy foam on top of your drink. The egg whites are generally odorless and tasteless - so the contribution is entirely textural.

If you want to make your cocktail extra special, then we recommend getting creative with your garnishes! Here we used fresh cranberries that have been skewered on a piece of lemongrass - but it also tastes (and looks) delicious with a fresh sprig of rosemary, apple slices or a cinnamon stick! Have a play around with a few options at home, and then really impress your guests 


Why we recommend "The Governor, Limited Edition"

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