High-phenolic Olive Oil Frequently Asked Questions

Why is High-Phenolic Olive Oil more expensive than many olive oils from the grocery store? What’s the difference?

Premium olive-oils such as The Governor or kyoord cost more because the processes we use to preserve the health benefits are expensive. Harvesting early and cold-pressing are the best way to preserve the phenolic content, but it results in lesser yields. The processes used to extract lower quality olive oil result in an average yield of 25% oil to olives. In contrast, the yield for truly high-phenolic olive oils is only 8-12%. Plus, the processes we use for tree cultivation, milling, storing, and shipping our oils, are all designed so the very best quality olive oil reaches your table both in terms of health benefits and flavor. To learn more about what makes high phenolic olive oils so special,read this article.

How much olive oil should I consume to get the most health benefits?

We recommend one tablespoon a day to promote a healthy lifestyle and for disease prevention, two tablespoons a day if you have a health condition. But remember, all olive oils are not created equal. These quantities are recommendations for premium olive oil with a high phenolic content like The Governor or kyoord. If you’re using olive with less nutritional value, you’ll need to take much more.

Can you cook with Extra Virgin Olive Oil? 

Absolutely. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is perfect for frying and baking as well as making sauces and dressings. People used to think cooking with olive oil was unhealthy but this isn’t true of premium olive oils. The high phenolic content of The Governor and kyoord increases the smoke point - the temperature at which oils start to burn (and smoke!) So, you can cook with our olive oils even at high temperatures without worrying about destroying the nutrients in your food. Even more importantly - you will get more of the health benefits preserved in the finished food if you start with a higher phenolic olive oil, vs a regular extra virgin.

My Olive Oil Arrived Frozen - is that OK? 

Extra Virgin Olive Oil freezes at around 45 degrees, so in winter that is often the case. There is nothing wrong about it - in fact, for long term storage, keeping the oil in the cold would extend its freshness and prevent oxidation of the fatty acids and polyphenols. 

How to store olive oil? 

Store in a cool, dark place in the kitchen or pantry. Should you consider keeping it in the fridge? That depends. If your fridge is cold enough, the olive oil will freeze after a few hours. You don't want the oil you are using daily to freeze and thaw too often, that is not good for it. So unless you have a wine fridge that can be set to around 50-55 degrees, it is better to store your oil at room temperature. However, backup bottles can safely be stored in the cold to extend their freshness.

Further -  the Governor and kyoord olive oils are made from Lianolia Variety of olives. Scientific studies conducted on many different olive oils, showed that our oils are some of the most stable even at room temperature, and the loss of polyphenol was minimal in the first year after harvest.

Is olive oil really healthier than other types of vegetable oil? Why?

Yes. Other vegetable oils don’t contain polyphenols such as oleocanthal which have been tested for their roles in the prevention and treatment of health conditions such as hypertension, Alzheimer’s, and cancer.

What makes olive oil “extra virgin”?

Extra Virgin Olive Oil is extracted using mechanical means only (cold-pressing) rather than the refinement processes used for other olive oils. The acidity level of Extra Virgin Olive Oil must be less than 0.8%. The acidity rate in our high-phenolic olive oils is much lower than this at less than 0.2%. Even olive oils that are called “Extra Virgin” might not be if they have oxidized in storage which raises the acidity rate. To be sure you’re getting all the benefits of a premium olive oil, buy from a reputable retailer. 

What should I look for to get olive oil with the most nutritional benefits?

The healthiest olive oil is high in polyphenols, especially oleocanthal. Look for a certificate of analysis showing the oleocanthal content, and a harvest date that indicates the olive oil is fresh - no more than 18 months old when you purchase it.

What is the exact polyphenolic profile of the oil?

The amount of polyphenols change from harvest to harvest. You can see the polyphenolic profile of the current harvest year of each olive oil by looking at the certificates of analysis which we post on the product pages.

Does Extra Virgin Olive Oil go bad? 

Yes. Although premium olive oils last longer than lower quality varieties — polyphenols are antioxidants that increase the shelf-life — even the best EVOO can go rancid. Extra Virgin Olive Oil should be stored in the dark and consumed within 2 years of the harvest. Once the bottle is open, it should be consumed within 2 months for the ultimate health benefits. 

Is Extra Virgin Olive Oil vegan?


Are kyoord and The Governor Olive Oils organic?


I’m buying The Governor as a gift. What is the packaging like?

The Governor olive oil comes in a custom made glass bottle that looks beautiful on the dinner table or your kitchen shelves. The Limited is in an opaque white glass bottle to protect it from light. The Premium bottle is clear glass which means you can appreciate the vivid golden-green color of the olive oil. We recommend storing The Premium inside your cabinet or in the custom made gift box it comes in to protect it from the light. Both oils are packaged in a sturdy white card box that displays the logo through a peep-window.

Can I Subscribe to Monthly Shipments?

Yes. As the number of bottles we make per year is limited to the amount of olive oil pressed during our early harvest, supply often runs out before the end of the year. To be sure you can continue to enjoy our premium olive oils all year we have created a subscription service. We reserve up to 12 bottles for you, store them in optimal conditions, and ship them to you monthly. You can subscribe to The Premium Edition here or The Limited Edition here.