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What Is High-Phenolic Olive Oil?

Olive oil has been used for millennia around the Mediterranean as part of the everyday diet and is known to support optimal health.

But not all olive oil is created equal. Factors such as the type of olive tree, time of harvest, and milling methods greatly influence the quality of the oil and its composition. Premium extra virgin olive oils contain high levels of beneficial molecules called polyphenols (or biophenols). The term high-phenolic olive oil (also referred as Medicinal Grade to olive oil) refers to oils with the highest level of these healthy molecules. High-phenolic olive oils are exceptionally rich in the active ingredients that protect against many serious health conditions such as cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, heart disease, inflammation, diabetes, hypertension, and even some symptoms of autism. Consuming any fresh, authentic, extra virgin olive oil may provide these benefits, but may require as much as a cup each day.

In contrast - using the highest-grade high-phenolic olive oil, just one spoon a day can provide the same benefits.

Our Mission

Kyoord was established to educate, spread the knowledge, and make high-phenolic olive oil available to the American consumer.

High-phenolic olive oil is food that can be used as medicine. In fact, the European Union acknowledged the health benefits of medicinal olive oil, and it now allows oils that contain a minimum level of beneficial polyphenols to be labeled with a health claim.
We are working with some of the most discerning producers of high-phenolic, high-terpene medicinal grade olive oil in the world to bring their products to market.

The name kyoord is the phonetic spelling for the word Cured. It is no coincidence that at the center of it is OO - for Olive Oil.


Who Is Behind Kyoord? 

Dr. Limor Goren is the founder of kyoord. She is a cancer researcher and molecular biologist. Her research centers on one of the most important anti-inflammatory molecules found in medicinal olive oil called Oleocanthal. Dr. Goren discovered one of the mechanisms by which Oleocanthal is toxic to cancer and showed that olive oils that are rich in oleocanthal are an effective strategy to kill various types of cancer cells. 
Dr. Goren started kyoord after she received numerous requests from friends and family for the medicinal olive oil she used in her research, and realized it was not easily accessible in the US. It is her goal to spread awareness about this holistic approach to health.


Limor Goren