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kyoord Extremely High-Phenolic Olive Oil

kyoord Extremely High-Phenolic Olive Oil

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Batch I sold out. Batch II will start shipping late June. Order window will open June 15th and will close automatically when Batch II is sold out.

A very limited batch of an extremely potent olive oil from Kalamon variety, sourced from the southern Greek Peloponnese.

This small batch of medicinal-like oil (only 300 liters made) is about twice to three times as rich in polyphenols and oleocanthal than our other high-phenolic olive oils.

As such – if you are seeking the health benefits associated with olive oil polyphenols and especially oleocanthal – consuming this oil would deliver more of these compounds per serving.

This oil is not for everyone! It is extremely bitter and peppery (the flavors of the polyphenols). Some might find the taste offensive. It can be taken with or without food.

For more information, and answers to most questions, please see the DETAILS and FAQ sections below.



Product Details

  • Country of Origin: Greece (Southern Peloponnese)
  • Harvest Date: Fall 2023
  • Best By Date: Fall 2025 - Refrigerated
  • Olive Varietals: Kalamon
  • Bottle Size: 250 ml / 8.45 oz.

Nutritional Power

Batch I is sold out. Batch II available mid June (only 400 bottles made)

  • Total Polyphenols: 1607 mg / kg
  • Oleocanthal: 926 mg / kg
  • Oleocanthal + Oleacein (Index D1): 1207 mg/kg


What is the bottle size?

Each tin contains 250 ml oil which is 8.45 fl. oz., or around 16 tablespoons

What is the serving size?

Serving size depends on your nutrition / wellness goals. We recommend one tablespoon daily for most adults.

What is the polyphenol dose per tablespoon and how is it so high?

This batch of oil has about 1600 mg/kg total polyphenols, and about 925 mg/kg oleocanthal.

As such, each tablespoon contains around 25 mg total polyphenols of which around 15 mg is oleocanthal.

The kalamon variety of olive oil is known to be highest in olecanthal. To maximize polyphenol yield, we harvest olives while extremely green and unripe and mill them in optimized conditions. The polyphenol level varies from year to year based on climate and other environmental conditions.

The downside of this process is that the olive oil yield is extremely low, making it very expensive to produce. Additionally, kalamon olives are rarely used to produce olive oil since the flavor is not considered desirable. There are better olive oils that strike a balance between great flavor and high phenolic content. However, this olive oil, is unsurpassable in its high oleocanthal concentration.

Why do you recommend keeping this oil refrigerated?

Polyphenols in olive oil slowly oxidize over time. The rate of oxidation varies by the type of olive oil and storage conditions. Unlike our other olive oils from the Lianolia variety that are unusually stable at room temperature, most olive oils lose on average 50% of their polyphenols over a 12 months period when stored at room temperature. On the other hand, while refrigerated the polyphenol degradation is minimal. In fact, for this batch - we conducted a second analysis, after 3 months in cold storage, and the polyphenol concentration remained unchanged from the level measured at harvest time.

So while spending a few days or even a few weeks at room temperature would not degrade the oil, we keep our stock of this special oil in cold storage, and recommend you do the same WITH YOUR BACKUP BOTTLES. The bottle you use daily should be stored at room temperature.

Won't my olive oil freeze in the fridge? 

If your fridge is cold enough, the oil will solidify and freeze after a few hours. There is nothing wrong with frozen olive oil, it will keep fresh and the polyphenols intact. However, you will need to bring it to room temperature to consume it. Frequent freeze/thaw cycles are not recommended as they can degrade the oil. Therefore we only recommend keeping your extra bottles in the fridge, while storing the one you're currently using in a cool place in the kitchen. Alternatively, if you have a wine fridge that is set for 50-55 degrees use it to store your olive oil.


Is it better to consume this oil by itself? Can I mix it with food?

There are no studies that compare the benefits of olive oil taken by itself compared to it mixed with food. In fact, many studies find beneficial effects on health and longevity regardless of how the olive oil is consumed. Since the flavor is so strong, it might be more palatable to mix the oil with food. However, due to the higher cost and the intense flavor, we don't recommend cooking or baking with it.   

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Beyond Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Packed with polyphenols, most notably oleocanthal and oleacein, these antioxidant and anti-inflammatory molecules are known for contributing to overall health and protecting against many health diseases. Our premium olive oils contain up to 10x more polyphenols than your average extra virgin olive oil, making them some of the most nourishing olive oils in the world. 

Unripe green olives are hand-harvested from a small family farm early in the season and pressed within hours ensuring a balanced and remarkably tasty finish.

Beyond Wellness

The secret superfood to elevate your wellness. 

No matter how our olive oils are consumed - as a finishing oil, as a cooking oil, or as a daily shot - enjoy with the knowledge that your body is being nourished by powerful anti-inflammatory antioxidants that have been linked to numerous health benefits. 

Scientific research has suggested that olive oil, specifically EVOO high in oleocanthal, can improve cognitive function, combat diabetes, control inflammation, fend off cancer, boost heart health, and slow aging.

Guaranteed by Science

Founded by Dr. Limor Goren - cancer researcher and molecular biologist -  kyoord’s mission is to create the healthiest high-phenolic olive oils that are scientifically backed to promote your health. 

In Dr. Goren’s research, she discovered that olive oils rich in oleocanthal can be effective in killing various types of cancer cells. 

With each new harvest season, our olive oils are tested and analyzed by a third-party for their polyphenol, oleocanthal, and oleacein count, and the results published to our website for transparency. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Doris Hamilton

Kyoord you have the absolute best extra virgin olive oil in the WORLD! My health status has drastically improved! You are the BEST!!! Thank you for helping me to better my health.

Robin Oehme
Love it

I have been taking the governor olive oil for about a year and love it.. I decided to give this one a try and it is a little more potent in the government, but is delicious:)

Julianne Rowland
I'm hooked!!

Thank you so much, Kyoord, for searching out this extremely high phenolic olive oil. I love the peppery burn, and use it as my daily elixir of health, both straight from the bottle and on salads!

Mary F

It’s amazing and peppery

Mary Harper

I take this twice a day for health. Very peppery!!