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The Governor Bundle - Both Editions

The Governor Bundle - Both Editions

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Crafted on a family farm in Corfu Greece, The Governor olive oils are known to be some of the flavorful and extraordinary olive oils in the world. 

Try both editions of The Governor: 

  • The Premium Edition: The perfect marriage of exquisite taste and health benefits. Use it for cooking, baking and finishing. Robust, yet surprisingly balanced with fruity notes and herbal bouquet. 
  • The Limited Edition: featuring 25% more polyphenols, it is the ultimate health promoting olive oil. Take a shot a day every morning, or drizzle on your favorite foods to enhance their flavor and increase nutrient content.  Robust taste and peppery finish.

    * Tasting glasses are not included but can be purchased separately here

    Product Details

    The Governor, Premium Edition:

    • Origin: Corfu, Greece
    • Harvest Date: November 2023
    • Olive Varietal: Lianolia
    • Family Farm: Olive Fabrica
    • Size: 16.9 oz / 500 ml

    The Governor, Limited Edition: 

    • Origin: Corfu, Greece
    • Harvest Date: October 2023
    • Olive Varietal: Lianolia
    • Family Farm: Olive Fabrica
    • Size: 16.9 oz / 500 ml

    Nutritional Power

    Up to 10x the average polyphenols compared to standard supermarket extra virgin olive oils.

    Storage & Care

    Prolonged exposure to heat, air and light can tarnish the quality of your oil. Keep olive oils dark and cool to maintain its integrity. The olive oils will stay fresh for 2 years from the harvest date. Use within 2 months of opening.

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    Beyond Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    Packed with polyphenols, most notably oleocanthal and oleacein, these antioxidant and anti-inflammatory molecules are known for contributing to overall health and protecting against many health diseases. Our premium olive oils contain up to 10x more polyphenols than your average extra virgin olive oil, making them some of the most nourishing olive oils in the world. 

    Unripe green olives are hand-harvested from a small family farm early in the season and pressed within hours ensuring a balanced and remarkably tasty finish.

    Beyond Wellness

    The secret superfood to elevate your wellness. 

    No matter how our olive oils are consumed - as a finishing oil, as a cooking oil, or as a daily shot - enjoy with the knowledge that your body is being nourished by powerful anti-inflammatory antioxidants that have been linked to numerous health benefits. 

    Scientific research has suggested that olive oil, specifically EVOO high in oleocanthal, can improve cognitive function, combat diabetes, control inflammation, fend off cancer, boost heart health, and slow aging.

    Guaranteed by Science

    Founded by Dr. Limor Goren - cancer researcher and molecular biologist -  kyoord’s mission is to create the healthiest high-phenolic olive oils that are scientifically backed to promote your health. 

    In Dr. Goren’s research, she discovered that olive oils rich in oleocanthal can be effective in killing various types of cancer cells. 

    With each new harvest season, our olive oils are tested and analyzed by a third-party for their polyphenol, oleocanthal, and oleacein count, and the results published to our website for transparency.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 336 reviews
    Great Product

    Very happy with this product. The Governor. Thank you for producing it!

    Deena Fahy
    A new lifestyle.

    I love the flavor and quality. I’m new to using this but hoping to get some great medical benefits.

    Linda B
    Smooth Olive Oil

    Kyoord has a robust, yet smooth taste. I like it a lot.

    *Mary Jarratt
    Repeat customer

    The olive oil is fantastic and tastes amazing

    Elle H
    Stunning flavor

    This is one of if not the best olive oil I’ve ever tasted, and I live half the year in Italy and have access to the olive oil there that doesn’t even get out of the country because the domestic demand is so high for the really good stuff. It has a very complex and rich flavor. For the love of God don’t waste this cooking! Pour it over cottage cheese on toast with pepper - trust me, divine! I also do a shot of it with some lemon juice in the morning as was recommended by my doctor. I literally wake up happy knowing that’s waiting for me in the kitchen. I realize this sounds like an embarrassingly corny review, but seriously, this stuff is worth gushing over.