how much olive oil per day should I have?

how much olive oil per day should I have?

You’re probably wondering just how much olive oil you need to promote your health. Lucky for you, scientists have started connecting the dots between the medicinal benefits and daily intake. We asked our team of scientific experts to scour the literature for human studies using various types and doses of extra virgin olive oil to guide your consumption. The studies they reviewed to make a dosage recommendation, have encouraging findings about the link between EVOO consumption and improved clinical symptoms.  For example, decreased inflammation, lower incidence of diabetes, Improved cardiovascular health, and improved cognitive function. Despite the large variability in the aspect of human health being studied and the brands of olive oil used in the studies, one thing common to many of these studies was the use of 20 grams of olive oil per day (one and half tablespoons).


While this information is helpful, and suggests that consumption of 1-2 tablespoons of olive oil each day is a good starting point to improve your health, it does not take into consideration the composition of the olive oil. It is well known that not all olive oils are created equal—the origin of the olives, time of harvest, and method of extraction are all crucial to determining the quality of the final product. Medicinal olive oils are defined as those with high phenolic content. The highest possible concentration of these medically active compounds are acquired through an early harvest and precise extraction and manufacturing process.


The bottom line? We recommend adding just one tablespoon a day for a healthier lifestyle and disease prevention, or at least two tablespoons daily to improve pre-existing conditions. However, quality matters. Lower quality extra virgin olive oils may require you to consume upwards of half a cup to reap the same benefits of just a tablespoon of high quality, medicinal olive oil. The most health-conscious olive oils may boast features like ‘early harvest ‘or ‘high-phenolic’, and pack in high amounts of triterpenes and phenolic compounds such as oleocanthal, oleacein, and hydroxytyrosol. Here at Kyoord, All of our olive oils meet our high standards for medicinal properties, allowing you to consume just one spoonful a day and more time to enjoy your healthier life!

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