Backyard Chimichurri

Backyard Chimichurri

Thanksgiving is only 2 days away, and I have a simple, vibrant sauce you should serve with your turkey and veggies to add a kick and zest. Not saying ditch the cranberry sauce, but how about a green alternative? Meet my Backyard Chimichurri!

My herb garden always inspires what I put in my Chimichurri as I use a combination of whatever I have growing that season. Parsley, mint, and oregano are a great mix, however other greens such as cilantro, arugula, and carrot tops also work very well for this dish. 

Rustic carrots are always a great pairing for Chimichurri as the tangy, herbaceous sauce compliments the earthy and sweet root vegetable. For an authentic tasting Chimichurri, make sure to use red wine vinegar but the rest of the ingredients are interchangeable with whatever you have on hand. The ginger is my untraditional, but secret added kick that elevates this sauce to make it bright, zesty, and slightly spicy.

Happy cooking!

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