Pan Seared Black Cod with Saffron-Yellow Pepper Coulis

Pan Seared Black Cod with Saffron-Yellow Pepper Coulis

Picture this: it's around 7:00pm and the sun is just starting to set, casting the most glorious golden light across your white-linen laden bistro table, as you recline in the direction of the sweeping ocean view. The chilled rose in your hand counters the golden hour warmth perfectly, as your gaze through the terraced garden your'e seated in turns into a trance. But all of the sudden, your'e awoken from this deep daydream by the deeply succulent scent of your meal: a Pan Seared Black Cod with Saffron-Yellow Pepper Coulis.

It may sound like this dinning experience is only possible in your dreams, or through a tediously planned, perfectly timed vacation to the coast of Normandy. But you my friend can experience this for yourself, tonight if you'd like, by taking on this deceivingly simple dish at home. With just a few fresh seasonal ingredients, thoughtful spices like saffron, some white wine, black cod, and  quality olive oil of course, this meal can be prepped, cooked, and plated in less than an hour, just in time to catch the sunsetting over your dining room table (or coffee table- we don't judge). 

If you'd like to go a step further and prepare Limor's perfect rouille to serve alongside this fresh, fragrant fish dish, we wouldn't stop you. Make a batch the day before and serve it with some toasted baguette-- it's essentially guaranteeing a week full of decadence with this worthy addition to your meal prep rotation.  

Harness the flavors of some of our favorite spring produce stars like fennel and gather a group of good friends for a French-inspired Friday dinner.  


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