Blueberry Almond Frangipane Loaf Cake

Blueberry Almond Frangipane Loaf Cake

Inspired by Limor's favorite fruit and nut combination, this blueberry and almond olive oil cake is a special breakfast or tea time treat. Reminiscent of a buttery, almond croissant, the layer of frangipane bakes into a rich, crumbly layer tucked within the fluffy olive oil cake. Studded with bright berries (feel free to swap in your favorite like raspberries or strawberries) and scented with a touch of lemon zest, this cake is a beautiful way to celebrate spring, and makes the perfect addition to any brunch! No one will ever know it took you less than 10 minutes and two bowls to whisk up!


 Recipe by Hallie Sharpless (@spinachdaddy) for kyoord.



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