Farro Grain Bowl with Squash and Cauliflower

Farro Grain Bowl with Squash and Cauliflower

I rarely cook from recipes and to be honest even less often I repeat the same exact dish twice (and unless I write it down or take a picture, I don't even remember what I used, so extremely hard to replicate!).

A farro bowl is a great example of that. I make it ever so often, but never the same. Sometimes I don't even use farro if I don't have it. Veggies and herbs are always what is at peak freshness (or more likely what is in the fridge and about to go bad...) 

So feel free to use this recipe as an inspiration and a base for whatever you happen to have in your pantry and fridge or whatever strikes your fancy when you load your basket at the farmers market.

A few tips:

- To get the best taste our of farro, toast it in a dry pan for a few minutes. you can skip this if in a hurry but it does give a deeper flavor to the dish. 

- You can really use any combo of squashes and pumpkins here. Below is what looked best at the farmers market that day

- When roasting the veggies - GIVE THEM SPACE. They need to caramelize and soften at the same time. I used 3 sheet pans here.

- When dealing with super-flavorful veggies like these squashes and melt-in-your-mouth cauli, keep the dressing super simple: a little acid, fresh herbs and of course the best green-grassy tasting olive oil to complement it all.

Happy fall!



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