Freekeh Salad

Freekeh Salad

This fresh Mediterranean salad is overflowing with flavor and texture. The crunchy toasted nuts pair nicely with the zingy Greek yogurt and lemon, and the fresh pepper notes of the kyoord olive oil complement both. 

Freekeh has a very subtle smoky and nutty flavor, and contains nearly twice as much protein and fiber as quinoa. It is a delicious alternative to your usual grain choice when creating salads, veggie bowls or wraps. 

This recipe is easy to throw together in large quantities and works as a versatile side, making it a great choice for your next dinner party. It pairs best with Mediterranean and Middle Eastern flavors, but can also be enjoyed on its own. 

TIP: If you are not serving your salad immediately, we recommend leaving the toasted nuts to the last minute, so they don't lose their crunch.


Why we recommend "kyoord High-Phenolic Olive Oil"

With a robust flavor, herbaceous notes and signature peppery aftertaste, our kyoord high-phenolic olive oil is a great choice for everyday cooking, baking, drizzling, dipping, and savoring.