Grilled Stone Fruit Salad

Grilled Stone Fruit Salad

What better way to spend a summer afternoon, than being surrounded by nature, with the sun shining, a warm breeze – and with a fresh fruit salad, of course. 

We always prefer to use in-season produce, which is why we adore this summery Grilled Stone Fruit Salad. Depending on the type of stone fruit and where you’re located, their season typically runs from June to September - which means we're now in prime time! 

This recipe encourages you to use any combo of stone fruit you can get your hands on, including cherries, peaches, nectarines, apricots, plums and mangos. It’s bright and brimming with color, just like the perfect summer's day. 

Grilling caramelizes the sugars and brings out the amazing flavors of practically any fruit. So if your kids don't like salad, give this one a try! Paired with the robust flavors of kyoord High-phenolic Olive Oil, this dish is juicy, bold and refreshing. 

A gorgeous appetizer to set the tone for a summer menu, this grilled beauty is all flavor and will steal the show at your next barbecue or summer soirée.


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