Homemade Fettucine

Homemade Egg Fettuccine with Fresh Lemon and Parmesan

Ever since quarantine became a way of life, and even still as restaurants and things begin to open up, I’ve cherished the times in which cooking dinner with the family becomes the highlight of everyone’s day-- kids and parent alike (even our dog Buddy, who if he’s lucky has been snagging some countertop spillage in the process). Intimidating projects like homemade pasta become lighthearted and simple through the eyes of younger chefs, which takes the task of hand rolling dough (for many of us who lack a pasta machine), less grueling, and more fun. Plus, extra hands means faster kneading, less prep time, and fewer hungry meltdowns...you get where I’m going with this. 

And since we elected to highlight all of our hard work by keeping the “sauce” simple-- just a few glugs of The Governor and bright lemon, once the noodles hit the water, there isn’t much left for you to work on. A casual toss in a low pan with some garlic and lemon slices sizzling away in olive oil is all this dish needs. However, feel free to dress yours in any sort of sauce-- a timely blend of late summer veggies would make a glorious pasta primavera alongside the lemon and parm. As usual, the options are endless. 

Once mastered, this classic pasta dough  makes the perfect addition to not only your recipe book, but your activity list, so you can keep family and friends entertained and satisfied as we get used to our new normal. 

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