Jeweled Rice

Jeweled Rice

In my opinion, presentation is key when it comes to setting up the table for Thanksgiving! Whilst the centerpiece is typically thought to be the turkey – I like to focus on the collection of side dishes that can add a splash of color to your dining table. I have been cooking this Jeweled Persian Rice dish for years, and love how easily you can change the flavors, depending on the festive toppings and rich spices that are included. 

Barberries are sweet and sour small Persian berries that can be found at most online ethnic food stores. If you can’t find these berries, no sweat - just use cranberries instead. Be sure not to skip the candied orange peel - o
ne of my personal favorite parts about this dish that adds a warm citrus kick to balance the savory tones of this recipe.

Tip: The orange syrup tastes delicious on vanilla ice cream with a splash of kyoord olive oil, so keep the leftovers for dessert!

To take this recipe to the next level, I recommend adding the toppings to the rice by using the “pizza slice” shape in the method below. This will make your dish look amazing – but just remember to mix everything together with a generous drizzle of kyoord olive oil before serving.

Happy cooking!

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