Citrus Herb Marinade

Citrus Herb Marinade

Brighten up your dishes with the refreshing zest of our Citrus Herb Marinade!

This vibrant marinade isn't just about light and lemony flavors - it's a versatile way to add a fresh, herbaceous punch to your meals. The medley of fresh cilantro, parsley, and oregano beautifully complements the tangy kick of whole lemon and white wine, resulting in a celebration of clean, herby flavors.

Perfect for light and healthy dishes, it’s an excellent choice for marinating chicken, fish steaks like swordfish, succulent grilled lobsters, or even pork chops. It's not just for protein, though! Zucchini and asparagus take on a whole new life when marinated in this delightful blend. 

Ready in minutes, this marinade brings a fresh and zesty twist to your everyday meals. Let’s get started and infuse some sunshine into your cooking!


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