Mediterranean Lime Margarita with Olive Oil

Introducing the ultimate summer indulgence: an olive oil margarita with a delightful twist of rosemary, fresh lime, and agave syrup. This refreshing cocktail recipe combines the smoky allure of Mezcal with the citrusy zest of Cointreau and the smooth richness of kyoord high-phenolic olive oil. Smoky rosemary adds a fragrant touch, while a squeeze of fresh lime and a hint of agave syrup provide the perfect balance of flavors. Rimmed with a tantalizing blend of lime-salt and orange and lime zest, garnished with a smoky rosemary sprig, this margarita is a summer sensation that will delight your taste buds.

How to Smoke a Rosemary Spring for Drinks

1) To smoke a rosemary spring for the drink, light the end of the rosemary spring. 

2) If the flame doesn't go out right away, let it burn for a few seconds to smoke the rosemary. 

3) Alternatively, simply brush the rosemary spring with a lighter until it smokes. 

 Mediterranean Lime Margarita with Olive Oil



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