Olive Oil, Almond, and Honey Cake

Olive Oil, Almond, and Honey Cake

Inspired by the traditional ingredients enjoyed to reign in the Jewish New Year which occurs right at the start of Fall, this is our warm, fluffy, and delicious take on the often stodgy, overly sweet Rosh Hashanah honey cake. 

With just 7 simple staple ingredients, our honey cake incorporates olive oil and almond flour, which creates a simple, versatile, and deeply satisfying bake that’s perfect to celebrate any occasion, not just Rosh Hashanah. Perfect for sharing with a crowd, this cake is naturally gluten and refined sugar-free for those with allergies and restrictions, meaning everyone can enjoy a slice (or a few… seconds will be requested, so may we suggest you make two?). 

We cherish Rosh Hashanah as its seen as not only the time to set prosperous intentions for a sweet and fulfilling New Year to ahead, but also a time to reflect upon the year prior, which we all can appreciate, regardless of whether or not you observe the holiday traditionally. 

One of our intentions may just be to enjoy this cake year round, as once a year is just not enough. Switch out the honey for maple, add in diced apples or berries, and try incorporating your favorite spices to make this sweet, blank canvas your very own, regardless of the season or occasion. 

Shana Tova everyone! We wish you a wonderfully sweet and prosperous year to come.



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