Oysters with Lemon Herb Mignonette

Oysters with Lemon Herb Mignonette

Experience the perfect harmony of flavors with our Oysters with Lemon Herb Mignonette recipe! This dish by Charlotte Candler combines the briny goodness of fresh oysters with a tangy and herbaceous sauce, infusing each bite with a burst of delicious flavor. 

Sautéed garlic lends a savory depth, while the vibrant combination of tarragon and minced chives adds an aromatic herbaceousness. A squeeze of lemon juice, accompanied by its zest, imparts a tangy zestiness that enhances the oysters' natural flavors.

Drizzle the lemon herb mignonette over the shucked oysters and top with green almonds for an elegant appetizer that will transport you to a culinary paradise.

Oysters are a nutritional powerhouse, offering high-quality protein, omega-3 fatty acids for heart health, and essential minerals like zinc and iron. They are also packed with vitamin B12, unique antioxidants, and copper, all in a low-calorie, low-fat package.  

lemon herb mignonette sauce for oysters


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