Pan Roasted Cod with Veggies

Pan Roasted Cod with Veggies

Dinners don't always need to be complicated, in order to be delicious! In fact, at Kyoord, we are always looking for ways to simplify our midweek meals, whilst still ensuring they are packed full of flavor and nutrients.

Our Pan Roasted Cod with Veggies may seem complicated from the outset, but it is actually quite a simple dish, and is a great addition to your cooking repertoire.

Cooking fish can be a delicate process, which often puts people off from exploring these recipes, however when you use the right fats and oils, reaching the desired texture is a lot easier than expected.

This is a dish that your family or guests will love. One of the best parts is that any leftover veggies are fantastic the next day, and can be included in a salad, quiche or sandwich.  


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