Peaches and Figs Panzanella

Peaches and Figs Panzanella

Each year the leisurely arrival of figs seems to be the marker of summer’s finale and the excitement for fall starts to build. Figs always make the transition between seasons a little bit easier (especially for us east coast dwellers). This salad honors summer’s sweet stone fruit and tomatoes while welcoming next season’s favorites – pea shoots. 

Our recent focaccia recipe tends to leave us with a little more bread than we know what to do with, so they make the perfect salty addition to this fruit-centric salad. You can find our favorite focaccia recipe here, but if you don't have the time to bake bread, a hearty loaf of sourdough or fresh ciabatta from the store is the perfect substitute.  

We encourage adding some crisp greens to the mix, like crunchy pea shoots, but any sort of lettuce leaf, watercress, radish sprouts, etc will do perfectly! Microgreens like shoots and sprouts are such a powerful source of concentrated nutrience and are always tasty. You can even sprout them at home and within 3-4 days, so you have a whole jar full.

As always, we dressed this salad with kyood High-phenolic Olive Oil and some finishing salt + pepper, however, feel free to add a drizzle of date syrup, pomegranate molasses, or even some champagne vinegar to your topping. We hope you enjoy!


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