Raspberry & Dark Chocolate Brownies

Raspberry & Dark Chocolate Brownies

Valentine's Day is all about celebrating love... and one of our favorite (and best) ways to express our love, is through our passion of food!

Today we are sharing a classic dessert, which has a modern kyoord twist. Our Raspberry and Dark Choc Chip Brownies are delicious and rich full of flavor, all thanks to our not so secret ingredient... Olive oil!

There are a few things that we look for in a good brownie - all of which, this recipe provides. They need to have a rich chocolate flavor. Crispy edges, and a gooey fudge middle. The raspberries in this recipe add another dimension of flavor. A delightful savory relief. The refreshing notes cut through the rich brownie with a puckering punch. 

Our brownies are decadently sweet, and can easily become dairy free/vegan, if you substitute the chocolate chunks out with dairy free alternatives. 

When making these brownies at home, one of the most important thing is choosing a high quality olive oil. The end result will be a sinfully delicious dessert, which will leave any sweet-tooth drooling and wanting more.


Why we recommend "kyoord High-Phenolic Olive Oil"

With a robust flavor, herbaceous notes and signature peppery aftertaste, our kyoord high-phenolic olive oil is a great choice for everyday cooking, baking, drizzling, dipping, and savoring.