Ravioli with Sage & Governor

Ravioli with Sage & Governor

When I think of winter, I think of cozy nights around the fire, spending treasured time with my family, and of course - consuming meals that are packed full of flavor.

With the winter solstice fast approaching, the desire to stay in and enjoy a delicious and flavorsome meal is even more enticing than usual. So this week I would love to share one of my all time favorite recipes with you... Ravioli with Sage and Governor Olive Oil.  

I have always loved and appreciated the versatility of ravioli. The combination of stuffing and sauces are endless, making them appropriate for most occasions. For this recipe, I prefer to use pumpkin and feta ravioli - but you can choose your own, depending on your preference. 

These days, many delicatessens and supermarkets have gourmet ravioli options available - so I tend to buy the pasta pre-made. However if you find cooking a relaxing and de-stressing activity, homemade pasta is always a delicious alternative. 


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