Easy Salsa Verde

Salsa Verde: Secret Sauce That Tastes Like A Party!

Mexican food is always a huge hit at my house. 

There’s something about the blend of delicious spices and fresh ingredients that makes us feel like we’re on vacation - even when we’re gathered around the kitchen table at home!

Like most moms, I’m always trying to get my family to eat more greens. Mexican food gets a bad rep for being unhealthy but it doesn’t have to be that way.

I’ve found that spicing up our salads, veggies, and fish with this delicious salsa verde combines my family’s love of all things Mexican with my obsession to get them to eat more fresh vegetables and healthy proteins.

This dressing is packed full of tomatillos - small green tomatoes that pack a punch of flavor - which are high in vitamins and minerals. There’s also a healthy dose of garlic that has been used for generations for its medicinal properties. 

And of course, our favorite The Governor is an olive oil full of polyphenols with anti-viral, anti-cancer, and anti-inflammatory properties.

But the best thing about this salsa verde is its amazing flavor that your family will love. 

Although it’s definitely zingy and will add a wow-factor to your dinner, it’s the perfect accompaniment to the natural flavors of your other ingredients. So be sure to use the freshest of vegetables in your salad, or the finest fish.
 Seared Tuna with Salsa Verde Salsa Verde
And to ensure you get the most from those delicious tomatillos, roast them in the oven first with the garlic and jalapenos for an extra layer of flavor.
So if you’re wondering what to serve for dinner tonight, try this delicious salsa verde. 

It’s the original secret sauce! Natural, wholesome ingredients packed full of health benefits that taste like a party!


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