Strawberry Gelato

Strawberry Gelato

 If you are looking for a sign to buy an ice cream maker this summer – here it is. It’s rich, it's fragrant, it's vegan, it's all you could want in a fresh summer treat.

We love to hero in-season fruit, which is why we have gone with a classic fresh strawberry gelato flavor. Strawberry seemed to be every child's favorite when we were younger, but we definitely haven't grown out of it! The sweet and refreshing flavors are amplified in this recipe - you will even be able to smell the fruity scent from across the room.

Sourcing high-quality ingredients is key to nailing this gelato - a farmers' market is a great place to find ripe strawberries. More importantly, our secret ingredient, olive oil. It is important to use the best quality olive oil you can find (eg. kyoord), as it will make all the difference in the final flavor.

Not only does olive oil add extra creaminess to the mix, but it also creates dense and indulgent flavors that gelato so is famously known for.

If you don’t own an ice cream maker already, this recipe does require you to splurge on the equipment. Whilst it is an investment, you will soon realize that it is well worth it, as you can start producing your own Italian-quality gelato – which is heavenly during these warmer months. 

Paired with fresh summer strawberries and figs, you will be polishing this vegan strawberry gelato off in no time!


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