Not All Olive Oil Is Created Equal

The very best is created from the finest ingredients. Using gentle processes to preserve the flavor as close to nature intended as possible.

“I have tasted a lot of olive oil in my life. The Governor has a depth of flavor that is so intriguing & captivating I cannot stop thinking about it. It has a kind of richness that all other oils lack. The only way I can explain it is to say it is like the difference between drinking a new wine and one that has aged to perfection.” G. Steel, 2020.

But good olive oil won’t just elevate your cooking.

The Governor has been the subject of rigorous scientific testing for its role in the prevention and treatment of cancer, Alzheimer’s, and hypertension. Devoted users have reported other health benefits and more clinical trials are in progress.

It’s quite simple. The best olive oil comes from quality olives, pressed, bottled, and shipped with care. To get the finest flavor and optimal health benefits.

The problem is - how can you tell the best olive oil from the rest?

Olive oil might have been “extra virgin” when it was bottled - which means the acidity was less than 0.8% - but many olive oils are stored for months or even years, during which time they oxidize. So by the time the bottle arrives in your kitchen, the taste could be bland and the health benefits negligible.

If you’re looking for the finest olive oil to enhance your cooking and get the best possible wellness benefits, you should try The Governor.

The Governor is an award-winning extra virgin olive oil, created from the finest “Lianolia” olives by three generations of the Dafnis family in Corfu, a region famous for its premium olive groves. 

The olives are harvested early and pressed the same day using gentle techniques that have been passed down through the generations - ensuring the peppery flavors and health-giving properties are preserved. The result is premium, unfiltered olive oil, with a uniquely robust flavor.

Careful handling includes constant temperature monitoring. This means the olive oil that arrives at your table is both flavorsome and packed with wellness properties. 


With it’s unique, peppery flavor, and smooth texture, The Governor is a staple for cooking and baking. It complements salads and is perfect for pasta, roasted veg, and soups. While the Premium and Limited editions are both robust and peppery, the Premium Edition has more floral and fruity notes. The acidity for both editions is 0.17%, compared with a maximum of 0.8% required for Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The Governor is “beyond organic.” No additives. No additional chemicals.


Early harvest is the secret to producing an olive oil rich in medicinal qualities since the precious polyphenols are at their peak. The Governor contains 8 times the number of phenols of the average olive oil. Research suggests The Governor may help with the prevention and treatment of cancer, Alzheimer’s, and hypertension. Further clinical trials are in progress to investigate other health benefits reported by followers about its use in other conditions such as diabetes. We recommend consuming 1-4 tablespoons daily, either directly or with food. Bottle size is 500 mL / 16.9 oz and contains about 33 tablespoons.


When we brought The Governor to the US it was important to us that we presented it in a way that did justice to its richness of flavor and unmatched wellness properties. So whether you’re buying this as a gift for a loved one or yourself, you’ll love the elegant, limited edition glass bottles. The Premium edition is transparent, letting the deep emerald green of the olive oil speak for itself. The Limited edition is presented in a distinguished, opaque, painted bottle which protects the olive oil from the light.

Beyond extra virgin. Beyond organic. Guaranteed by science.

Please Note: Because of the limited nature of this type of oil, and the small batch size, it usually sells out by the late summer. If you take out a monthly subscription, we reserve up to 12 bottles for you. You may cancel or pause your subscription at any time after the first 2 bottles have been delivered.