Butter-less Hamantaschen

Butter-less Hamantaschen

The perfect simple and healthy recipe for traditional hamantaschen cookies, to celebrate the power of community and coming together this Purim. Made with olive oil, this dough is dairy-free and rich in cancer-fighting polyphenols. Easy to make and endlessly customizable, the dough requires no chilling and can be stuffed with whatever jams, spreads, sweet or savory fillings you can imagine.

We used a variety of fruit jams and caramel sauce to stuff ours this year, but classic hamantaschen commonly features “mohn,” or poppy seed paste, which you can make at home or buy in European grocery stores. Feel free to add your favorite spices, sub in other fruit, nuts, seeds, chocolate, citrus zest, and herbs to make hamantaschen that’s truly one for the books.


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