The Governor Olive Oil Reviews

Extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) is among very few food products that both scientists and health experts consider to be extremely beneficial. According to numerous studies, olive oils that contain a rich amount of Oleocanthal can kill or damage cancer cells, decrease your chances of diabetes, strokes and heart disease, as well as prevent Alzheimer’s disease. 


The Governor olive oil from Corfu, Greece, is highly regarded as the healthiest olive oil in the world, with the highest concentration of Oleocanthal. This oil has been associated with health benefits since the days of Ancient Greece and Hippocrates. 


This smooth olive oil delivers about 8 times more Oleocanthal and other biophenols than the average EVOO, not to mention it has a smooth, unique flavour, as well as a sublime texture—all thanks to early-harvesting and same-day cold pressing. What’s more, it adds an extra layer of taste to vegan, vegetarian, or meat dishes.


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If you’re still having doubts about all the benefits that this olive oil can offer, take a moment to read The Governor olive oil reviews shared by our satisfied customers and subscribers.

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Nothing compares

It simply has the most delicious flavor! I’m hooked

Great oil

The pepper flavor and taste is great. Thank you

Super Healthy & Delicious!

Tastes amazing and I love the high antioxidant properties!


I am addicted to this olive oil.I use it by itself on salad greens it is so tasty.I notice my skin is looking better since using 1 tbsp every morning in a smoothie or by itself.

5 stars - The Governor

This is my second bottle, and take 1 large tablespoon, first thing each morning, on an empty stomach. I let it sit in my mouth for a minute or so (good for teeth and gums also) and swallow follow with warm water.

I truly believe in the healing/medicinal possibilities of eating real food, and this peppery olive oil has been scientifically proven to be outstanding, so yes I’m all in. The fact that I spent time in Greece and absolutely love this Corfu olive oil on anything Mediterranean that I cook, is an added pleasure! Stin Ygeia Sou….to your health! Thank you Kyoord!

Truly the Best!

Oh my goodness! I love this olive oil! I really can tell a difference between it and a higher quality store bought brand. I know this is more expensive so I save it for a topper on foods or sometimes I like to just drizzle a little on bread and sprinkle with Himalayan salt and Braggs Seasoning. Umm! :-) It's so worth it and does the body good!


I have discovered you on my trip to Corfu couple months ago, and learned you are their distributor in US, which made me very happy. I love and use lots of olive oil, The Governor is the best I have tried so far. Thank you keep it up

kyoord High-phenolic Olive Oil
Mid State Pool Liners, Inc.

Great taste! Beautiful presentation!!


Such great notes, like fine wine.

Wonderful flavor

This is the best olive oil I have ever tasted! I am using it in cooking but also taking a tablespoon a day to lower inflammation. Thank you for bringing us such a high quality olive oil.

Superior Quality

Your Governor's Limited Edition Olive Oil is very robust and "peppery".
I really enjoy it, and as a cancer survivor I feel like this medicinal grade
olive oil is giving me the health protection I need to thwart off cancer
recurrence. You've done your research and it is very impressive! Thank you
for offering such a high-grade, great tasting olive oil!

Best olive oil

You can feel the richness in the taste. Gourmet olive oil. Worth every penny.

Great testing oil ! Beautiful packaging !

The oil taste so good! I love the packaging as well.


Love it. Love it! I searched for years to find the best all around oil and this is it. I cook with it, drizzle it on my sandwiches and sslads. I even use it on my pizza stone. Occasionally, I just take tablespoons full if I am fasting.

The best olive oil ever!

I love this stuff! I never realized there was such a difference between oilive oils. Never to old to learn! 100% enjoyed.


I absolutely love this olive oil. It’s the best tasting and so good for our health. I will definitely always keep some in my kitchen. 🧡🧡

Best Olive Oil

This is my second bottle of The Governors oil. I take a spoonful every morning for good health. This is better than any other olive oil you find in the grocery store.


It’s absolutely delicious and the quality and packaging is superb.

Best Ever!!

I am so pleased to have found kyoord olive oil! I use a little everyday. It has so much flavor I can tell the difference in every dish I prepare. I will recommend kyoord to all of my friends.

Heavenly Delight

This product by far is the best EV00 that I’ve ever tasted and it’s healthy for you!

In a class alone!

Beyond superb olive oil, the taste is impeccable and worth every penny. Full case of twelve comes at a great price!

Very impressed -great taste

I listened to an interview with the doctor who owns Kyoord who tested olive oils on cancer cells.
As the daughter of a scientist, I really need to feel that claims made by products are backed by science and testing and this one appears to be!
My family is enjoying taking a tablespoon a day, and I have shared some bottles with friends who love the taste and quality as well.

Love This Olive Oil.

I had been searching for olive oil that was of high quality. I have finally found it with Kyoord. Great Quality, Wonderful Flavor, Amazing packaging. I 100% recommend.


Absolutely awesome I have tried a lot of Olive oil’s but none tasted like this and none that I reacted to like this


Lov this olive oil and such tremendous health benefits. Taste is amazing...we lots of salads in Arizona, especially in the summer.