The Governor Olive Oil Reviews

Extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) is among very few food products that both scientists and health experts consider to be extremely beneficial. According to numerous studies, olive oils that contain a rich amount of Oleocanthal can kill or damage cancer cells, decrease your chances of diabetes, strokes and heart disease, as well as prevent Alzheimer’s disease. 


The Governor olive oil from Corfu, Greece, is highly regarded as the healthiest olive oil in the world, with the highest concentration of Oleocanthal. This oil has been associated with health benefits since the days of Ancient Greece and Hippocrates. 


This smooth olive oil delivers about 8 times more Oleocanthal and other biophenols than the average EVOO, not to mention it has a smooth, unique flavour, as well as a sublime texture—all thanks to early-harvesting and same-day cold pressing. What’s more, it adds an extra layer of taste to vegan, vegetarian, or meat dishes.


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If you’re still having doubts about all the benefits that this olive oil can offer, take a moment to read The Governor olive oil reviews shared by our satisfied customers and subscribers.

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Clear Bottle?

Why does it come in a clear bottle? Opaque bottles protect quality from light.


I ordered The top shelf "The Governor" and it is absolutely phenomenal!😁👍🏻❤ I began my 1st tablespoon every morning followed by a tablespoon of fresh squeezed lemon juice on day one. This is my 3rd day taking this routine religiously & I can attest to the fact that I CAN FEEL THE DIFFERENCE!!!! My arthritic knee joints no longer have that dull ache anymore. This is truly a natural healing remedy your body recognizes and immediately thanks you for it!😁👍🏻👍🏻❤ Your oil has permanently won me over. I will not be without this heavenly natural elixir. THANK YOU EVER SO MUCH for producing such an outstanding quality olive oil!!!😁😁😁👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻❤❤❤ It beats taking pharma medications!!😁😁😁👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻❤❤❤

Very impressed

Packing is beautiful and clean. Ordering and delivery were a breeze. Found out about this oil from Jennifer Fisher. Oil taste fresh, clean, vibrant, and peppery. We only use it on salads, vegetables, and fish. Definitely will purchase again!


I purchased the Governor premier first and was very pleased.I then saw the 3 oils at a slight discount price and received the 3 last week.I absolutely love all of these HIGHEST QUALITY OILS. Clean,real taste.

Very Nice oil; packaging needs major improvement

First time customer here; I discovered you through Jennifer Fisher. Love the fresh taste of the oil. Really enjoying it with salads. The packaging is absolutely gorgeous but the bottle does not screw on! There is something faulty with it; I can provide video. Really dissatisfied because I think it’s really bad for oil to be in unclosed container….

another satisfied customer!!

We are enjoying this olive oil so much - a pleasant flavor and aroma taken by spoon twice a day. Will be adding to cooking soon! And ordering again!!

Best Olive Oil Ever

We were first introduced to this olive olive in Corfu where we visited the orchards where this wonderful olive oil is produced. We brought back to the states some of each of the three versions that are made there in Corfu and we are glad we can now order this wonderful oil online through Kyoord. All three versions in this variety pack have different tastes and I use them each differently, but all three are good.

Premium olive oil variety pack

It’s hard to use any other oil. I bought this pack thinking I would use it sparingly. But now I use it to cook and season almost everything. I feel good knowing I’m taking care of my body. This stuff is gold!!! Deff recommend! 10/10


Can truly taste the rawness and freshness of the olive oil. Can actually taste the raw olives. Compared to off the shelf olive oil this is hands down higher quality. I have tried Gundry’s oil which is also high quality and consider it a tie with a different taste. The bottles are very fancy and have to contribute to the cost. I would prefer it comes in a normal high quality bottle shape to offset the costs for the premium versions.

My first kyoord

When I was just figuring out life I tasted a very very fragrant olive oil that was so fresh it was ‘almost too much.’ I searched for the taste of pristine freshness. And here it is. Very special. I thank you for a quality and taste that I’ve been looking for for years.

Love it!

Love this olive oil. It’s rich and hearty. We use it on everything and I will definitely be ordering again!

Happy Customers:)

Hi Paul and I Diana (his wife), both loved the's taste and it's described benefits, we are on our first bottle still and plan on ordering a case. We heard about you from Jane McLellands website and will become
lifetime customers!


What absolutely fantastic oil. And I feel like I’m getting healthier the more I eat it! How delicious


The best tasting, high quality oil. I love it by the tablespoon full first thing in t he morning. Then, later in the day on my salads.

Simply Irresistible

I had gotten some Kyoord oil awhile back. I didn’t realize how amazing it was until I ran out and had to go back to store bought EVOO, the one I used prior that I thought was superior. Well, it tasted horrible. I couldn’t believe it. So I ordered more. Only wish it wasn’t so expensive.


After trying this Kyoord oil, my regular olive oil seems tasteless and odorless
Needless to say I recommend it 100%

Best tasting Olive Oil

Love this Olive Oil!!!! Bonus that it's so good for you! Beautiful packaging and fast fast service!!!


Absolutely wonderful. The only olive oil to have in your life. By far the best olive oil!

Best olive oil

Every morning a teaspoon every salad dressing a drizzle. Very tasty 😋

Love this oil

This is truly the Best oil I have tasted.very high quality with great taste yet not heavy.


It’s worth every penny, I panic when I start to run low.

Great Stuff - A Little Less Intense Than the Governor

Great stuff!


This the best olive I have ever purchased. The flavor + consistency is amazing! Thank You!🌟

It's fantastic, and addictive!

Best olive oil I have ever tried.