The Governor Olive Oil Reviews

Extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) is among very few food products that both scientists and health experts consider to be extremely beneficial. According to numerous studies, olive oils that contain a rich amount of Oleocanthal can kill or damage cancer cells, decrease your chances of diabetes, strokes and heart disease, as well as prevent Alzheimer’s disease. 


The Governor olive oil from Corfu, Greece, is highly regarded as the healthiest olive oil in the world, with the highest concentration of Oleocanthal. This oil has been associated with health benefits since the days of Ancient Greece and Hippocrates. 


This smooth olive oil delivers about 8 times more Oleocanthal and other biophenols than the average EVOO, not to mention it has a smooth, unique flavour, as well as a sublime texture—all thanks to early-harvesting and same-day cold pressing. What’s more, it adds an extra layer of taste to vegan, vegetarian, or meat dishes.


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If you’re still having doubts about all the benefits that this olive oil can offer, take a moment to read The Governor olive oil reviews shared by our satisfied customers and subscribers.

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Love your olive oil! Very addictive...put it on everything. There’s this little peppery hint it adds to and highlights vegetables on the grill. Will continue ordering. Would like to try new olive oil. Also love the tahini you added to my last order. Never been a fan of hummus but this is good.


Love this olive oil. It’s delicious

Love, love the peppery taste!

Didn’t know what to expect, too soon to check health benefits, but the taste and flavor are exceptional!! That peppery flavor is a hit in salad dressing, in marinades and just taking a shot!! I will keep this on hand for a long time to come, thanks for such a great product!!

Absolutely delicious. I am addicted!

Superb quality! We are huge fans of EVOO, hubby is Greek so it is used almost as much as water in our household. Kyoord has been the best tasting olive oil we have ever had. Completely addicted!

Most delicious olive oil!!

Kyoord olive oil is so delicious! I've already gone through three bottles myself and gifted it to others! It tastes divine, but also looks so pretty in my kitchen. Will be a customer for life!
Rachel x

Best olive oil ever

Liquid gold . Put it on everything

The BEST taste and QUALITY

Have tried many and this is by far the best tasting of them all.
Superb quality, as a matter of fact. Didn’t know olive oil taste this great lol.
Most of all lowered my cholesterol level from 120 to 108 in 45 days.
The BOTTLES … saved all three.

Love this oil so much!

Excellent quality!

This is my second purchase and this time I got both instead of just the limited edition. Truly healthy quality olive oils that you cannot find anywhere else! Extremely pleased! I use these daily on my salads. Delicious!

Excelled olive oil

Very smith with a tangy aftertaste , excellent on salads

Great taste

I take a couple shots of this every morning...haven't tried it for cooking...I subscribed when I first purchased this and intend to use it for heart health...I highly recommend it...

Kyoord / Governor

Been taking about 1 1/2 to 2 ounces daily for almost two years now and am convinced of the health benefits associated with doing so .
Aside from consuming this olive oil for it’s medicinal benefits , I also enjoy the peppery taste ,

I love it.

I love Kyoord olive oil. It's the best olive oil I've tried so far.

Thank you for sharing your research.

Delicious and Rich

This olive oil is incredible! The burst of flavor is wonderful. I can taste the healthy goodness in every spoonful.

Best oil, liquid green gold:)

Love the flavor, earthy, feels at the back of a throat as only real nutty fragrant olive oil does:)


Great savored oil and taste

Good medicine

This is such a wonderful olive oil. I haven't used anything else. I'm ready to reorder.

Great stuff!

Wellness Plan

As part of my wellness plan The Governor oil is a important part of my cardio health goals. Very good with cooking and salads also. Best way to improve health while enjoying a meal too.

oiled up!

this rox.

Smart people

Great packaging oil is beautiful would rather cook with it than give myself a facial, but that's just me.🤨

Grateful for this

The flavor is lovely and I am grateful to have a high phenolic olive oil at a slightly more affordable price point than the Gov. We use these for health reasons and the flavor is excellent as well.

Best Olive Oil I have ever tasted~

I love this olive oil on everything, it is like gold! It is a little bit spicy which we love. Great on Sourdough bread and forget the Balsamic, it would ruin it. Just plain on salads, endless possibilities. Fresh and great color! We love it!!!!

High oleocanthal for a nice price

We received this new EVOO from Kyoord today. The characteristic taste back in the throat can be confirmed. We are happy with the price tag as well!

Best ever!!!!

Using it for 4 years now. Nothing compares to it for salads