The Governor Olive Oil Reviews

Extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) is among very few food products that both scientists and health experts consider to be extremely beneficial. According to numerous studies, olive oils that contain a rich amount of Oleocanthal can kill or damage cancer cells, decrease your chances of diabetes, strokes and heart disease, as well as prevent Alzheimer’s disease. 


The Governor olive oil from Corfu, Greece, is highly regarded as the healthiest olive oil in the world, with the highest concentration of Oleocanthal. This oil has been associated with health benefits since the days of Ancient Greece and Hippocrates. 


This smooth olive oil delivers about 8 times more Oleocanthal and other biophenols than the average EVOO, not to mention it has a smooth, unique flavour, as well as a sublime texture—all thanks to early-harvesting and same-day cold pressing. What’s more, it adds an extra layer of taste to vegan, vegetarian, or meat dishes.


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If you’re still having doubts about all the benefits that this olive oil can offer, take a moment to read The Governor olive oil reviews shared by our satisfied customers and subscribers.

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heaven in a bottle

Love this Olive Oil so much I think it will make the best Christmas presents.


My husband and I take a tablespoon of this olive oil every morning…love it and the health benefits it provides! To me, it tastes like sunshine, grass and good health!

Great oil

Really enjoying this olive oil. High Phenolic content and great to cook with, put in smoothies and just about anything.


Have been using this for a few years. The taste is excellent and an added benefit is that it can help lower cholesterol. 2 tablespoons 1 at night and in morning on empty stomach.

I know this is a beautiful olive oil, but I have to be honest, the peppery flavor was so strong and too overpowering, and left a bitter taste. Really wanted to love it and especially benefit from the health aspect.

Excellent quality

The quality of Kyoord has changed my perspective on olive oil.

The Governor

I will have to say I am feeling amazing since I started taking a tablespoon of The Governor on an empty stomach when I first get up. The taste is so divine and peppery I love it! I put it on my salad and everything! I recently had to purchase another bottle which I will be trying against another company I have researched. Their Olive oil is from Italy but it seems they have less polyphenols than the Governor which is my main reason for buying the oil. So off the bat The Governor is everything you would want and more with the medicinal benefits. What a great company, the employees are friendly and helpful because I was hesitant to make this purchase due to the cost. But just like fine wine this olive oil is worth it. I would definitely order the case if I had the space to put it! I was not paid for this review, if I was i would have used more words. Just order the Oil you won't be disappointed!

Good Quality and Nutritional

So far I am pleased with the taste of every meal that I have prepared the oils with and look forward to the health benefits !

Quality product and excellent service

Very pleased with the quality and impressed by the excellent service (sale, post sale, shipping).

Too bitter for my tastes

Sorry, I can’t seem to get past the bitter after taste. I thought I would get used to it, but it gives me the shivers every time I taste it.

healing benefits.....

We enjoy the flavor of the Governor oil and are impressed with the research that promotes healing with its use!

Absolutely the best’

Can’t beat this olive oil! Visited the factory when we were in Corfu. Truly amazing and the taste is heaven!

Fantastic Taste

Bought this oil as an everyday "medicinal" supplement in my diet. I was skeptical about drink pure olive oil straight... thankfully, I was wrong. It actually tastes REALLY good. I enjoy drinking it.

I've had other olive oils that weren't as good of quality and it's surprising the difference. This stuff is so smooth with a nice, peppery burn at the end.

Quality comes at a slightly higher cost. I'll gladly pay it for an easy drinking oil.

Great health benefits

We bought this because of its high polyphenols and Its nourishing nutrients. It has a peppery flavor and you can taste the quality. We take a tablespoon a day either straight up or on a toast.

Very high quality!

I get olive oil from two places this is now my top choice from here on out. I was very pleased with the quality of the oil.

The Governor olive oil

I have finished 1 bottle and am starting on 2nd bottle . I love the flavor and the smoothness of the oil, I am taking in hopes of increasing my good. Cholesterol and to increase my Oleic acid as I was deficient. Will provide an update after next blood test are completed.

I have been taking 1-2 tablespoons every day since January. I started ordering Kyoord in July and can't imagine ordering anything else now! The ordering process is so easy and delivery is the quickest I have ever experienced. I don't miss a day! I have noticed such a difference in my my health, among those are psoriasis and IBS. I researched many hours on the benefits of evoo and what to look for when choosing the best and Kyoord ✔️ all the boxes. I will always have this on hand.

My personal favorite oil

The flavor is spectacular. High quality. Clean complex flavor.

Clear Bottle?

Why does it come in a clear bottle? Opaque bottles protect quality from light.


I ordered The top shelf "The Governor" and it is absolutely phenomenal!😁👍🏻❤ I began my 1st tablespoon every morning followed by a tablespoon of fresh squeezed lemon juice on day one. This is my 3rd day taking this routine religiously & I can attest to the fact that I CAN FEEL THE DIFFERENCE!!!! My arthritic knee joints no longer have that dull ache anymore. This is truly a natural healing remedy your body recognizes and immediately thanks you for it!😁👍🏻👍🏻❤ Your oil has permanently won me over. I will not be without this heavenly natural elixir. THANK YOU EVER SO MUCH for producing such an outstanding quality olive oil!!!😁😁😁👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻❤❤❤ It beats taking pharma medications!!😁😁😁👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻❤❤❤

Very impressed

Packing is beautiful and clean. Ordering and delivery were a breeze. Found out about this oil from Jennifer Fisher. Oil taste fresh, clean, vibrant, and peppery. We only use it on salads, vegetables, and fish. Definitely will purchase again!


I purchased the Governor premier first and was very pleased.I then saw the 3 oils at a slight discount price and received the 3 last week.I absolutely love all of these HIGHEST QUALITY OILS. Clean,real taste.

Very Nice oil; packaging needs major improvement

First time customer here; I discovered you through Jennifer Fisher. Love the fresh taste of the oil. Really enjoying it with salads. The packaging is absolutely gorgeous but the bottle does not screw on! There is something faulty with it; I can provide video. Really dissatisfied because I think it’s really bad for oil to be in unclosed container….

another satisfied customer!!

We are enjoying this olive oil so much - a pleasant flavor and aroma taken by spoon twice a day. Will be adding to cooking soon! And ordering again!!