The Governor Olive Oil Reviews

Extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) is among very few food products that both scientists and health experts consider to be extremely beneficial. According to numerous studies, olive oils that contain a rich amount of Oleocanthal can kill or damage cancer cells, decrease your chances of diabetes, strokes and heart disease, as well as prevent Alzheimer’s disease. 


The Governor olive oil from Corfu, Greece, is highly regarded as the healthiest olive oil in the world, with the highest concentration of Oleocanthal. This oil has been associated with health benefits since the days of Ancient Greece and Hippocrates. 


This smooth olive oil delivers about 8 times more Oleocanthal and other biophenols than the average EVOO, not to mention it has a smooth, unique flavour, as well as a sublime texture—all thanks to early-harvesting and same-day cold pressing. What’s more, it adds an extra layer of taste to vegan, vegetarian, or meat dishes.


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If you’re still having doubts about all the benefits that this olive oil can offer, take a moment to read The Governor olive oil reviews shared by our satisfied customers and subscribers.

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After trying this Kyoord oil, my regular olive oil seems tasteless and odorless
Needless to say I recommend it 100%

Best tasting Olive Oil

Love this Olive Oil!!!! Bonus that it's so good for you! Beautiful packaging and fast fast service!!!


Absolutely wonderful. The only olive oil to have in your life. By far the best olive oil!

Best olive oil

Every morning a teaspoon every salad dressing a drizzle. Very tasty 😋

Love this oil

This is truly the Best oil I have tasted.very high quality with great taste yet not heavy.


It’s worth every penny, I panic when I start to run low.

Great Stuff - A Little Less Intense Than the Governor

Great stuff!


This the best olive I have ever purchased. The flavor + consistency is amazing! Thank You!🌟

It's fantastic, and addictive!

Best olive oil I have ever tried.

Great tasting EVOO!

The Governor is a very high quality EVOO. The high polyphenol content is the main reason for my purchase and the great taste and color are big bonuses. I really appreciate the transparent lab data documentation of polyphenol concentrations. I was using Dr Gundry’s EVOO and I’m sure it has high polyphenols, but the flavor was awful and reminded me of linseed oil.

It’s TRUE !

Tried both of the Governor’s and fell in LOVE with both. First time using this one and impressed I am !
Smooth Flavor Awesome taste … this brand is second to NONE.


Amazing texture and a little spicy which i love. I do use a teaspoon full every other day as a shot and drizzled my salad with lime juice.

Great Oil!

It has a "green," slightly bitter taste and burns the back of the throat. You can tell the stuff is good!

Great flavor!

What a great olive oil! We use it for lots of things including drinking a shot but my favorite is to use with fresh squeezed lemon juice as a salad dressing!!

Elegant and Delicious

I have been a subscriber of the Governor Limited Edition olive oil for a few years and continue to love and appreciate it. This early harvest olive oil is robust yet elegant with a peppery finish which indicates it's high quality. I use it as a finishing oil for veggies, fish, pasta and salads. Also enjoy it as a dipping oil for bread. It is great all on it's own too! Look forward to its arrival every month. Highly recommend!

Simply the best!

I love olive oil. Like, really love it, put it on everything, drink it, create meals based on its flavor and have tried every brand and bottle I can get my hands on. kyoord is hands-down the best olive oil I've ever had. From the stunning bottle that looks so appealing on my countertop, to the robust flavor, it is perfect in every way. I also love the recipes on the website, and really appreciate the science behind the brand. In a world where every brand seems to purport health benefits, I appreciate the proven benefits.

I have found my match in olive oil and will never go back to any other brand. Bravo, kyoord!

My daily dose of heaven on earth.

This prime olive oil is what I wake up to every morning. One shot of velvety smooth delight. Recommended by my neurologist to prevent cognitive Decline since there is a high incidence of Alzheimer’s in my family. Scientifically proven, highest polyphenol content, and a daily treat. Love it!

Wonderful taste and beautiful bottles.


This is a wonderful tasting EVOO. I use it every day and my guests love it, too. Very smooth with a nice peppery finish. So happy I found it.

Can’t get enough

So fresh tasting. I use it for everything. Avocado toast with egg for breakfast is my favorite

Worth Every Penny

This is the most delicious olive oil I have ever tasted. Totally worth the price!! I’ll never buy anything else!!


i cannot taste the polyphenols or the earthy undertones like i can with doctor gundry’s evoo. honestly i can taste more varietals from the kirkland extra virgin olive oil.

Excellent tasting

I used the oil for the first time in a stir fry. I love how it worked! I was very pleased by the texture and how well it worked on high heat. It also did not leave a “heavy” feeling after I consumed my dinner (as some oils really give me that full feeling after dinner). I cannot wait to use it on pasta next. Will definitely be re-ordering it. It truly is a premium oil!

Excellent Product

I have used Kyoord oil for over a year and love the quality, and taste of the product. Highly Recommend.