Limor's Secret Hummus Recipe

Limor's Secret Hummus Recipe

The humble chickpea... what did we do to deserve you! These nutritional overachievers are full of fiber and protein, and they are also a great source of iron - especially for vegetarian/vegan diets. Chickpeas are loved by many around the world, and are incorporated into so many different dishes and cuisines. 

Today we are going to share with you, a secret hummus recipe that Kyoord founder, Limor Goren, has been making for years!

In our opinion, to make the best hummus, you have to take the long road, which involves cooking the chickpeas yourself (instead of using canned ones).

In saying this, the shortcut version still creates a hummus that is 95% as creamy and tasty as the original, so it is up to you whether you want to spend the extra hours to achieve the perfect dip. 

If you really want to impress your guests at your next dinner party or gathering, we highly recommend trying the full recipe. You cannot beat it!

Serve this dish up with your favorite crackers or fresh pita bread, and finish it off with a drizzle of high-phenolic olive oil for a nutritious and delectable snack or appetizer.



What is hummus made from? 

The main ingredient of hummus is chickpeas. It also contains tahini, olive oil, garlic, lemon, cumin, water, salt, and baking soda.

Is Chickpea a superfood?

Chickpeas can absolutely be considered a superfood. Chickpeas are incredibly nutritious and are a rich source of fiber, plant protein, healthy fats, and iron. Chickpeas have been associated with many health benefits, including cardiovascular health, digestive health, weight management, blood sugar control, and cancer reduction.  


What can I use instead of tahini when making hummus?

In our opinion - if it doesn't have tahini in it - it won't be hummus. So if you don't have tahini at home, you might want to run to the grocery store before making this recipe. If you have a sesame allergy, you can omit the tahini and use Greek Yogurt instead. Most people won't call it hummus - but it would make for a delicious chickpea dip!


Can I use canned chickpeas instead of dried chickpeas?

Absolutely! While we believe that using dried, cooked chickpeas results in a better hummus, you can definitely make the quick version and use canned chickpeas. Just make sure to drain and rinse them, and remove any thin skins.

Should you put olive oil in hummus?

It's a must! Olive oil is a key ingredient to make the hummus creamy and delicious. To add even more nutrients and flavor, opt for high-phenolic olive oil like The Governor or kyoord high-phenolic


What is the healthiest way to eat chickpeas? Is hummus healthy?

Hummus is a great way to consume chickpeas and enjoy the health benefits! Additional healthy ways to eat chickpeas is roasted, in a salad, curry, or stew. Try our Chickpea and Paprika Stew or Cucumber Gazpacho with Crispy ChickpeasChickpeas are naturally gluten-free and not a common allergen.

Are there variations of hummus?

Yes! Check out our Green Butter Bean Hummus recipe and our Beet Hummus recipe. 


Why we recommend "The Governor, Premium Edition"

The Governor, Premium Edition impresses with both its exquisite taste and high phenolic content. The pepper-y flavor is beautifully balanced with fruity and floral tasting notes, making it perfect for finishing, drizzling, and dipping, and adding robust flavor to any dish.