Loaded Eggplant

Loaded Eggplant

One of our New Years Resolutions this year was to learn how to cook more delicious vegetarian dishes! This Loaded Eggplant is a slight variant on a family classic that we have made for years, but instead of featuring beef, we have substituted it for lentils!

This recipe is vegan - and gluten free (and still so satisfying and full of flavor). The perfect addition to any dinner party, this easy to follow recipe will help you to create the next crowd pleaser.

Not only is this recipe delicious, it’s also loaded with our favorite healthy toppings; mushrooms, carrots, bell peppers and lentils. Healthy doesn’t have to mean boring!

We love to cook with lentils, as they are packed with nutrients and are so versatile. When we match it with eggplant, perfection.

As always, we’ll be using a high quality olive oil (like The Governor) to add to the health benefits of the dish. How? You might ask. Learn more about the scientifically proven advantages of extra virgin olive oil here.

This healthy Loaded Eggplant is the best way to spice up your average dinner and sneak in a few more veggies. Paired with a creamy and zingy Tahini sauce, this hearty dish will be a hit for vegetarians and meat lovers alike!


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