Olive Oil Shortcakes with Berries and Cream (Vegan friendly)

Olive Oil Shortcakes with Berries and Cream (Vegan friendly)

America's Birthday comes right at our favorite time of year when not only are the temperatures at their height, but so are the bounties of berries coming in from farms across the country. The abundance of fresh strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries (just to name a few) are a sweet reminder of our Independence, and have become a staple way to celebrate fourth of July. And for as long as our country has been around, so has some version of the quintessential strawberry shortcake, featured in cookout spreads in multiple iterations from coast to coast.

Whether you prefer a more spongecake-like foundation, such as many traditional Southern strawberry shortcake recipes involve, or the tender biscuits commonly seen throughout classic North-eastern recipes, our take creates the best of both worlds, sans the butter

Enter: our sinfully delicious, unbelievably easy and adaptable olive oil shortcake recipe. Our new shortcake recipe resembles classic and flaky, butter-based biscuits, while taking on the delightfully fluffy and light texture of a sponge cake. No advance preparation is needed to assemble a beautiful, build-your-own shortcake bar at the family's barbecue this year, as these shortcakes can be mixed, folded, baked, and cooled all in the span of 30 minutes. Even better, no special trips to the grocery will be needed, as the simple, staple ingredient list matches the recipe's name to-a-t. 

Filled with lightly-sweetened freshly whipped cream (or coconut cream for our plant-based friends) and topped with whatever fresh fruits you have on hand from the market, this updated classic is sure to steal the show.


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