Strawberry, Fennel and Pecorino Salad

Strawberry, Fennel and Pecorino Salad

The days are longer, warmer, and sweeter as we approach the start of the next season, and there’s no more delicious way to celebrate the spring and summer colliding than with a salad that brings together some of each season’s best. Crisp and refreshing fennel + endive combined with sweet, tart strawberries at the height of their season create a satisfying match in this vibrant dish, especially when salty, shaved pecorino cheese and pistachios add some much needed healthy fats and protein to make this pairing a round meal. 

It’s a uniquely nourishing and balanced salad that’s impressive enough to bring to a neighbor’s bbq but incredibly simple to make to enjoy at the office for lunch during the week. Feel free to make this salad your own by switching out the pistachios for sunflower seeds, sliced almonds, or whatever nuts you have in hand! Not a pecorino fan? Try feta or goat cheese crumbled in, another crave-worthy match for these bright berries. 



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