Strawberry and Pink Peppercorn Olive Oil Cake

Strawberry and Pink Peppercorn Olive Oil Cake

I love a snacking cake just as much as the next person. Nothing brightens my day more than ending lunch or picking up after a late afternoon slump than with a satisfying square of sponge. Easy joys have become deeply appreciated during our pandemic era, yet after 2 years of being inundated with overly simplistic recipes tailored to fit into the mundanity of the everyday we’ve been confined to, it feels like it’s adequate timing for a rebirth– a renewal if you will, of the snacking cake concept.

Now that we’ve started to venture out again, have guests over, or dare I say travel (knock on wood), why can’t we assign a bit more thought and add some life back into our recipes again? I’m not saying layer cakes should take place of our new-found obsession with snacking cakes, but a happy medium of effort is achievable and worthy of this new kinda, sorta, post-pandemic phase. 

Enter: the casual occasion cake. Not quite flamboyant or painstaking enough to deem celebratory, but still exceptional compared to what one may enjoy on a more daily basis. The casual occasion we happen to think this beautifully simple, yet just a touch bit extra cake is perfect for? Mother's Day brunch! It's unique enough to bring the special flair your family brunch spread calls for, yet it requires no more than an hour's worth of minimal effort in the kitchen. And not to say Mother's Day isn't worthy of an elaborate bake, but when it comes to filling out your brunch spread, you need a cake that allows time to prepare the rest of your menu, ie; no mixer required.

We elevated the snacking cake recipe by using one of our favorite flours, semolina, Kyoord High-phenolic EVOO, and some fruity (and beautiful!) pink peppercorn macerated strawberries, making it truly occasion-worthy. Don't have fresh strawberries at the market yet? Frozen are fine, but get creative and substitute your Mom's personal favorite fruits, spices, or herbs to make it yours (for her to enjoy of course!).  


Why we recommend "kyoord High-Phenolic Olive Oil"

With a robust flavor, herbaceous notes and signature peppery aftertaste, our kyoord high-phenolic olive oil is a great choice for everyday cooking, baking, drizzling, dipping, and savoring.