Tuna Crudo with Passion Fruit Vinaigrette

Tuna Crudo with Passion Fruit Vinaigrette

Crudo is a thinly-sliced raw fish dish, typically sprinkled with some citrus juice or a light citrus olive oil vinaigrette. not to be confused with Ceviche, which is marinated beforehand. We find it infinitely versatile.

The freshest fish and a good home made vinaigrette are the base, and from there, you have to let your creativity run free using peak season produce.

The key to a stunning presentation and irresistible flavor is to layer the crudo with various textures and colors - crispy leaves in greens and reds, crunchy veggies sliced paper thin on a mandoline, and some sweet and juicy veggies for added contrast. Use the ingredients that tickle your palate and make you happy, or experiment with some exotic ones. We put our own suggestions in the recipe below. Pictured is an ultimate crudo plate from our friend Charlotte Candler. For this one, Charlotte picked limequat as her main citrus, plated on delicate seasonal radicchio, trevisio and shiso leaves, topped with passion fruit and furikake. 



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