Onelogy Free Gift for Subscribers | Terms and Conditions

To qualify for the free subscriber gift from Onelogy in May 2024, you must meet the following conditions:

  1. The gift is for existing subscribers and those who subscribe by April 30th with a May order scheduled.

  2. If you are a new subscriber, your gift will be in your 2nd order, processed and shipped in May.

  3. The gift will be sent in orders processed during the month of May. If your order is processed in April but delivered in early May, the free gift will not be included.

  4. If you subscribe in late April but choose delivery every other month, you will not get the free gift. If you are a new subscriber, you will need to be on the monthly plan to get the free gift in May. After your May shipment, you may switch to every other month if you prefer.

  5. The gift can not be added to June order and will be removed from the order before being shipped. 

  6. New subscribers in May do not qualify for the free gift. 

  7. One free gift per customer. If you have multiple active subscriptions, the free gift will be included one time. 


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